Spencer Bass

Spencer Bass Nickname: Fed Red | DOB: 1/20/1991
Discipline: BMX | Hero/ Mentor: Morgan Wade

Best/ Favorite Trick: No footed can cans

Accomplishments/ Achievements: 11th in finals at Summer Session in Finland | 29th in Dew Tour Ocean City | 22nd in finals at Simple Session in Estonia | 10th at SLC Free Flow Finals Dew Tour 2010 | 1st at Free Flow Tour Kona | Fl 2010, 7th at SLC Free Flow Finals Dew Tour 2009 | 1st at Free Flow Tour TX 2009 | 7th at SLC Free Flow Finals Dew Tour 2008 | 1st at Free Flow Tour TX 2008 | 1st at Playstation Am Jam TX 2008 | 22nd at JoMo Pro 2008 | 1st at Playstation Am Jam TX 2007 | 3rd at Playstaion Am Jam TX 2006 | 2nd at Eisenbergs Big Bike Comp 2006 | 5th at Texas Best 2005 | 3rd at Best Trick GPX 2005

Acknowledgements: I’d like to thank God first and foremost for all he’s blessed me with the ability to do! My parents have always gone above and beyond for me no matter what the situation, as well. Also, I’d like to thank everyone over at Gatorade, Yums Shoes, Oakley, Grave Crew, Alienation Parts, Hyper Bikes, Bern Helmets, Power Balance, Big Time Actionsports, Alliance Skatepark, and Metro PCS for taking good care of me!

Brief description of you (ie, how you started in the sport, age you started, any contests, who inspired you, encouragements, etc…) I started riding when I was 13 and instantly fell in love with it! My mom took me to the skatepark as much as possible, then I started going with friends, and eventually I was there every day! Since then I’ve came a long way and have been able to compete in some really big contests such as the Dew Tour, the Simpel Sessions in contests in Finland and Estonia, Jomo Pro, Gatorade Free Flow Tour, and many more. I pretty much wake up everyday with a desire to ride and push my own personal limits and most importantly, have fun doing it! My dad will always be my biggest inspiration to me. He is the reason I got into riding and I look at how motivated and determined he was to beat brain cancer and use that with anything that comes my way in riding. He was a fighter and never gave up until his body couldn’t take it anymore. That’s exactly how I try to be. It’s crazy to think that I’m able to make a living doing something that when I started was just a hobby. Now I get to travel the world with some of the raddest people I’ve met over the years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.