Pete Brandt

Nickname: Godzilla | DOB: 4/10/70
Discipline: BMX Flatland | Hero/ Mentor: The creator himself

Best/ Favorite Trick: Anything spinning, pumping, turbining, pedaling, switching, jumping, pivoting,cross legged, switch handed, forwards or backwards and opposite sided. I guess I like it all.

Accomplishments/ Achievements:

Acknowledgements: Thanks to my wife and boys, Thanks to Team BTA, Thanks to everyone out there riding keeping BMX alive and I’d like to thank the non believers as well without them I would have no one to prove wrong.

Brief description of you (ie, how you started in the sport, age you started, any contests, who inspired you, encouragements, etc…) I started to ride at the age of four. I had an older brother that had many friends that would hit dirt jumps so I would go jump too. One day I saw on a commercial Jose Yanez doing a a backwards pedaling megaspin and knew at that moment that’s what I wanted to do all day for the rest of my life…flatland BMX!!