Morgan Wade

Age: I’m 30 years old

Home town: born and raised in Tyler Texas, USA!

Sport: I ride and compete in Freestyle BMX

Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes, HeadRush Clothing, Maxxis Tires, EmpireBMX, Ethika, FiveTen Shoes, Atomic High Performance, S-One Helmets, & Elite Bike Shop

Years riding: I’ve been riding Freestyle BMX for 17 years

Years competing: I’ve been competing professionally for the last 14 years

Accomplishments: Inside the competition world I’ve been in the X-Games every year since 2003, I have 4 X-Games medals including the Gold from the MegaRamp event in LA last year. I’ve won the Gravity Games, the Worlds in Europe, the LG Action Sports Championships, and multiple RedBull competitions. From 2004 to 2008 I finished top three in every Metro Jam & Backyard Jam I entered, 9 total, along with several wins including best trick & high air side competitions and the Singapore Metro Jam in 07. Outside of competition I’ve won three Rider of the Year Nora Cups, am the only person to ever successfully loop the famous Baldy Fullpipe, only rider to slid the infamous S-Rail in Boulder CO, and have had video sections in some of the biggest BMX DVDs to date including, RideBMX’s Drop the Hammer, Mutiny Bikes Time Well Spent, Etnies Grounded, and the Levi’s Video. Along with editorial content I’ve had 7 magazine covers including 3 Ride BMX covers, 2 BMXPlus covers, a DigBMX cover, and a Cream BMX magazine cover.

Goals: My goals are to keep riding & competing as long as I can and glorify The Lord through my life! I’m not perfect, but if I can provide for my family and be a good example to everyone around me, that’s enough for me.